How to Transform Your House into a Smart Home with High-Tech Toys

Take your fridge into the future.

By Catherine Stansfield


High-tech toys are not limited to merely entertainment purposes anymore. Not only can you create the gaming, entertainment, or party setups of your dreams with technical flair, but technology can work to improve the function of your home. Kitchen and cleaning appliances are gaining new life with updated technology and app compatibility. Even your lighting solutions can be updated with smart technology. Here are some high-tech toys that will bring your home into the future with fun and convenient features.


The Smart Refrigerator

Perhaps the greatest transformation to kitchen appliances has happened with refrigerators and freezers. Your ice box can now contain its own smart devices to help improve your daily usage. No longer will you be wandering aimlessly around the grocery store, lamenting the fact that you had forgotten your shopping list on the counter. Samsung’s latest Smart Refrigerator comes with a pre-installed touch screen which you can use to write out your shopping list while you peer inside. The list then syncs with your smartphone, eliminating the frustration that comes with forgetting whether you need milk or not. Or, if you find yourself in a rush, the Smart Refrigerator also includes an interior camera so you can take a look around your fridge and see for yourself what you need for the week. With Smart technology, this essential appliance can be taken into the future.




Smart Lighting

Until only recently, your lightning has been dependent upon single-colored bulbs, maybe with the option to heighten or dim the soft color. However, Smart Bulbs are a new source of lighting that can be commanded and controlled through your smartphone. When connected via Bluetooth to your phone, Smart Bulbs can take on any color in the wheel, as controlled by you. You can choose a bright white light to match the strong light of natural day, or soft blues and greens for mood lighting. Smart Bulbs can also take on neon hues to excite any party or holiday celebration. With just a touch of your finger, you can transform your room from an ambient oasis to a hub of festivities.




Smart Speakers

Long gone are the days of record players, boomboxes, and stereos. Current technology has eliminated even the need to dock your devices. With wireless Bluetooth-connected speakers, you can play your music from any place in your home to suit the atmosphere.




However, your speakers are not only for entertainment anymore. They serve a functional purpose for your home. Amazon’s Echo Dot is speaker connected to the software Alexa which recognizes voice commands and syncs to your smartphone and apps. While I use my Echo Dot to order pizza, it can be used to schedule events and allow for hands-free phone calls. Your multitasking capabilities will soar with this highly efficient, and compact machine. Also, its sleek black design works well in modern homes.




The Cleaning Robot

One of the most recognizable, and oddly adorable, advances in home-related technology is iRobot’s popular Roomba. Vacuuming can quickly become tedious, especially if you have children or pets or any other factor predisposed to make a mess on your carpet. Save time by investing in this little robot who uses sensor technology to suck up messes and leave your floors free of debris. If you’re someone like me who is weak to allergens, the Roomba can save time, and save you from sneezes by vacuuming up dust and dirt routinely. And don’t worry about the little robot dying on the job, the Roomba automatically docks and charges itself.




Air Purifiers with a Technical Twist

Your home is where you spend the most time, and it’s important to keep it clean and safe. Yet the air within your home is often overlooked. Air purifiers can be placed in your room to eliminate harmful particles in the air, which can especially help with allergen-sufferers and asthmatics. While air purifiers used to be bulky and unsightly, they now have taken on a sleek appearance and too can sync with smart devices. Now, even when you’re away, you can control your air purifier to ensure that you can come home to clean air.




Tech for Pets

Technology has evolved to even benefit your canine or feline friends! The company SureFlap has developed modernized feeders, bowls, and pet doors to improve the life of you and your pet with innovative technology. Specialized bowls lined with sensors will open and close with the arrival of your pet to keep food fresh, and your pets content. Your pet doors can now be programmed to only allow in animals with your specific microchip. This will keep critters away, and allow for easy indoor and outdoor transitions for your pets!


Small adjustments to your home can make massive improvements in your life. With a few updates, the products you use every day can take on new functions with easier accessibility. From kitchen appliances to cleaning devices and even to pet bowls, technology now offers simple solutions to common problems. Whether you’re looking for an interesting device for your home, or simply want to transition to Smart technology, your home and life can be made simple modern updates.




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