How to Use & Combine Fall Colors for an Incredibly Chic Look

The colors of autumn are undoubtedly beautiful in nature, but until recently, many people stayed away from a fall palette when it came to decorating. In the days of “you can’t mix black with navy blue,” the brown/red/gold color palette was also put on the no-go list for fear of overwhelming a room or making it look too retro. Thankfully, those days are over as more designers are starting to see the kitschy value of a warm-toned room. Read on for some do’s, a big don’t, and stylish ways to bring fall into your home. 


Lighten Up

Remember, just because you are using a deeper color palette, it doesn’t mean your room needs to look dark. There are tons of ways to lighten up the rich palette. One interesting technique you can use to break up the color is to paint one wall a lighter shade of the same color. For example, pair rust orange with a slightly more meringue-tinted orange and watch as your walls magically lighten to reflect the bouncing light. 



A Big Fat Don’t

I don’t like putting restrictions on decorating. Everyone has a unique sense of style. One man’s Member’s Only jacket is another’s hip nightwear, but when it comes to painting with these deep, complex colors, avoid glossy paint at all costs. High gloss paint does not mix well with fall colors, and the shine will make for a headache-inducing room. Go with a matte finish or sponge effect and your room will look warm and ready for decorating. 



70’s Splash

The fall palette gives way to a very functional 1970’s decor revival. The darker tones are the perfect backdrop for gold accent pieces and surprisingly, dark or light furniture. A cool way to nail mixing light and dark is to paint dark wood with light paint.


The best part of this revival is the comeback of mixing patterns. Clash is back in a big way, particularly with these deep colors. This opens up so many more design options, and the clash doesn’t have to stop with patterns. Textured furniture a la The Brady Bunch living room can give a modern home a great kitschy kick. 



The Depth Effect

A cool way to add depth and complexity to your fall-inspired room is to use textured, antiqued décor. This gives the room a more mature feel if you aren’t into the kitschy 70s look for your home. Try to find décor that hints at the colors of your room for a polished, pulled together look.  



Using a fall palette as your décor compass creates so many stylish avenues. It’s a rare treasure to find a palette that can fit easily into so many different themes. Autumn colors can be quirky or classic but they always provide a warm and inviting atmosphere. For your own warm designing experience, click around our virtual rooms and try out our 3D design tools to find the décor that works for you!   


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