5 Vintage Design Trends Making a Comeback

Keep these classic styles in mind for your next room makeover.

By Amber Murray


It’s hard to envision some interior-design trends ever going out of style, but they all fade away eventually. And then, they return. Here are five vintage design trends making their way back into our modern homes.


1. Stained Glass

This beautiful colored glass trend peaked in the 1930s, when it was hard to find a house without at least one artful stained-glass window. Modern times have brought about energy consciousness, and with it, efficient windows, doors, and appliances.




This has been great for the planet and our pocketbooks, but not so great for stained glass. Finally, stained glass is beginning to make an appearance in homes again, from furniture and accessories to both outdoor and indoor windows.




2. Wallpaper is Back

Say it isn’t so! If you’ve ever spent hours removing the wallpaper handiwork of a previous homeowner, you probably cringe at the thought of this trend returning to today’s homes. Nonetheless, wallpaper is back, and not the tame stripes and borders of the ‘80s and ‘90s, either.




Take a look online and you’ll see all kinds of designer wallpapers for sale featuring bold, geometric patterns reminiscent of the 1960s and ‘70s. Let’s hope modern homeowners learn from previous generations and use wallpaper to create a striking accent wall, rather than covering entire rooms at a time.




3. Floral Patterns

One look at Pinterest is all you need to know that granny-style floral patterns are back with a vengeance. Due in part to popular home-renovation shows like “Fixer Upper,” a sharp increase in the popularity of rustic, shabby chic décor is being seen both online and in homes everywhere. Pair a floral pattern with some white, distressed furniture, and you’ll be on your way to trendy in no time.




4. Colorful Kitchen Cabinets

For years, people have recoiled at the bold, brightly painted kitchen cabinets that often accompany a house built in the 1950s. The past decade has seen whiter and whiter kitchens become popular, to the point where it is no longer uncommon for a kitchen to have white countertops atop white cabinetry.




This rather-sterile-looking trend seems to be inspiring a bounce back to the colorful, as more homeowners decide to add a bold color to their kitchens. It’s true that a full return to painting every inch of the kitchen the same bright hue may be unwelcome. But that doesn’t mean a vibrant island or even a colorful breakfast table cannot provide an element of style missing from today’s kitchens.




5. Canning Jars

In decades past, nearly every family canned some amount of their own food. This meant canning jars were always on hand and often ended up serving as makeshift drinking glasses or flower vases.




These jars have become incredibly nostalgic. They fit into the ever-popular shabby chic look and can be found in homes today serving as everything from vases to chandeliers. Available in colored and clear glass from tiny to gigantic, it’s easy to see how canning jars have made such a huge comeback as home décor.




When decorating your home, be open to the trends of the past if you enjoy them. You never know when what was once considered outdated will become a staple of interior design once more. You may just find yourself an accidental trendsetter.


Images used with permission, courtesy of www.shutterstock.com

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