How to Create an Organized Cleaning Station in 20 Minutes

You’ll only need a few simple items to get your cleaning supplies nice and tidy.

By Erica Young


Mops, brooms, and dusters – oh my! When your cleaning supplies don’t have a home, they can make quite a mess. And making messes, you might’ve noticed, is the exact opposite of what cleaning supplies are supposed to do! But many of us don’t have an empty closet to transform into a cleaning supplies storage space worthy of Martha Stewart. Don’t worry. I’ve got the solution, and all you need is a blank wall and about 20 minutes  to make all your cleaning and organizing dreams come true. Here’s how to do it.


1. Choose a Location

Which wall should you use to create this cleaning station? The laundry room lends itself to this project beautifully. But if your laundry room is tiny, you could also use wall space in the kitchen, a walk-in pantry, or even a bathroom. The idea is to make a simple cleaning station that isn’t an eyesore,  and therefore can be located almost anywhere! My mops and brooms always ended up piled in the corner of the laundry room, and I cringed every time I walked by them.




2. Hang up Your Mops & Brooms

The mop, broom, and Swiffer were constantly tipping over or being left all over the house because they didn’t have a home. The easiest way to fix this is a wall hook rack. After choosing my hooks, I fashioned each of my cleaning tools with a small piece of ribbon so that they could easily hang on the wooden hooks.




3. Mount Your Hook Rack

Whether you use individual hooks or a rack like I do, hang it at the right height. An easy way to judge how high it should be attached to the wall is to hang your longest broom or mop on the hook, then hold the hook against the wall to test different heights. Be sure it’s at a level that’s convenient for you while also high enough that the broom or mop is not touching the floor. Once you’ve picked your spot, mark the height with a pen or pencil. Then you can remove the “test” broom and secure your hook rack to the wall.




4. Get Creative with Storage Solutions

Get creative for smaller supplies that won’t fit well on the hooks. Use hanging buckets or baskets, or perhaps a pegboard. I happened to use a U-shaped garage hook that was the perfect fit for my small dustpan and hand broom.




5. Add a Shelf

For me, I knew I wanted a shelf to hold my Swiffer supplies and my duster. I hung a simple IKEA shelf with drywall anchors above my hook rack. Make sure the shelf is narrow enough to hold your supplies, but not too wide that it’s impeding on the walking space in the room.




Avoid constantly hunting down your cleaning tools with this simple and attractive solution. Because believe it or not, a shelf, wall hooks, and a few minutes of your time are all it takes to finally get a handle on all your cleaning supplies. With a happy little organized spot like this, you might actually be excited to mop the floors! Yeah! Yeah? OK, maybe that's a bit of a stretch...


Images used with permission, courtesy of Erica Young and

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