No Paint Required: Get the Room Color You Want Without Commitment

Want your room to be a certain color but don’t want the permanence of paint? Read on!

By Kathleen Wolak


The prospect of painting a room can be cause for hesitation for any number of reasons. Tastes change, and undertaking the chore of priming and painting seems futile if you’re going to want to change the color at some point. There’s also the fear of not being completely sure of the color you want-we all know the pain of painting a room only to have it not come out as we had hoped. If you’re renting your home, your landlord likely has rules about changing the color of your walls. Never fear, here are some commitment-free ways to add overall color to your room!


Use the Sun

Ditch traditional curtains for a swatch of thin cotton fabric in the color you want your room to be. Make sure you drape the fabric so that the sun shines through it, giving your walls the hue you desire. This is a simple way to add a veil of color, and works best with white walls. Bonus: This technique gives your room a cool boho look!




Mood-Light Delight

A single light bulb in any color you choose will make your room your desired color after the sun sets. I recommend using a bulb that emanates subtly-colored light, and covering the bulb with a decorative lamp shade.




Décor Galore

This is an easy way to add much-needed accent colors to your room. Choose décor that has undertones or accent colors that match the color you want your room to be. Little touches of the color that you choose will work to tie the room together and create an all-around beautiful and clean look. For example, if your desired overall color is purple, choose paintings or pictures that have purple, black, or green undertones. A green room would be complemented nicely with aqua or blue undertones. If you’re decorating a bedroom, try to use bedding that complements the color as well.





Plants are a versatile way to make the color of a room pop when used in concert with proper lighting. The possibilities are endless, as virtually every color is available in plant and flower form! For a green-tinted room, I recommend using huge leafy houseplants like indoor palm trees. For a red or merlot-tinted room, be sure to put out plenty of roses! The flowers or plants you choose will really drive home the color you’re aiming for.




Using these simple tricks instead of reaching for the paintbrush will save you a lot of time and effort! The best part is, if you want to paint your room but aren’t sure of the color, you can use these temporary techniques to live with the color for as long or as short as you want! If you like to play around with color and design, visit our Virtual Rooms and use the awesome 3D interior design tools for some more commitment-free fun!


Images used with permission, courtesy of Kathleen Wolak

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