My Experience Using House Tipster’s Virtual Rooms: The Signature Room by Graham and Brown

With the help of The Signature Room by Graham and Brown, a House Tipster virtual room, our family was able to find a wall covering we all agreed on.

By Tina Jepson


Not long ago, our family learned we’d be moving. Were we excited? You betcha! But when I considered how much love and effort we put into our current home, I felt a bit discouraged.


You mean, I have to do this all again? Choosing paints and design schemes may be fun, but it definitely takes time and focus.


That’s why I’m thankful for House Tipster’s Virtual Room feature. This interactive online planner helps any homeowner visualize what a given room will look like using 3D features and 360-degree views.




It’s a tool that I definitely need because I’m moving from a traditional colonial into a historic shotgun home built in the mid-1800s. My modern style, including color schemes and even decorations, isn't going to fly in my new environment.


Here’s a bit about my experience using House Tipster’s online interior design tools to design my own home.




The Signature Room by Graham and Brown

Since I’m drawn to bold, eclectic styles (maximalism, in a nutshell), I know our historic house needs more than a simple coat of neutral paint. In fact, it needs something reflective of both the history and personality of the home.




That’s why I choose to use the Signature Room by Graham and Brown. This Virtual Room, designed by the wallpaper gurus at Graham and Brown, resembles my new abode to a T. But then again, this room could definitely be a blank canvas for just about anyone looking to add texture and a touch of color to their walls.




The Essential Feature: A Lesson in Compromise

A designer may tell you to start with the basics (for example, flooring) and then build out your room from there, but that’s not my style and it may not be yours. To be honest, I once designed my entire living room around a single colorful pillow so, at the very least, I knew I needed to start my House Tipster VR experience focusing on the color I want for my home’s walls.


After selecting “Signature Room by Graham and Brown,” I noticed that the Virtual Room automatically loads with a particular (lovely and bold) pink wallpaper.




Well, I guess my job’s done already!


I have to admit, I adore damask. And in hot pink (“majestic hot pink” to be specific), no less. It was love at first sight. But my husband wasn’t too keen on the pink, so I decided to search around a bit more.


In all, there were 42 wallpaper options to choose from. With a simple click of a button, I was able to see what each wallpaper design looked like on an entire wall. Sayonara tiny wallpaper samples! VR truly takes room visualization to a whole new level.


After deliberation and a touch of compromise, we realized that the Romany Stripe Red wallpaper matched all our needs. Phew! The hard part is over.




Putting It All Together

Decision-making was easier once we settled on a wallpaper. From there, I used the drop-down menu located on the top right side of the website and followed the order suggested by Graham and Brown.


The seven American hardwood options available were beautiful, but since my new home already has wood floors, I simply selected the color that most resembled my own, Brocante, and moved on from there to the sofa colors and so on.




The aspect I found most helpful about House Tipster’s VR feature were the small touches you could alter. For example, the windows in my new home are of good quality but they need a touch-up. When I saw how nice a dark black window looked paired with the high ceilings and the Romany Stripe Red wallpaper, I knew I needed to purchase some paint and get to work.




In all, using House Tipster’s Virtual Room has been a great way for our family to decide exactly how we want to design our new home. By seeing what each element looks like together, it was easy to determine which products to use.




The writer of this article was compensated for their review.

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