Oven Cleaning Hacks to Save Time & Money

Love baking but hate scrubbing the oven? Do you dread cleaning your oven? Welcome to the club!



If you’re like the hundreds of people who love cooking and baking but dread cleaning up afterward, here are some oven cleaning hacks to make life easier. What’s more, these are simple do-it-yourself hacks, which can make your life easier and your oven will sparkle like new.


Make Your Own Magic Cleaner

One of the easiest cleaning products you can make is a cleaning solution made of vinegar and baking soda. These two substances act as an effective cleaning mixture. You can make your own magic cleaner by mixing baking soda and white vinegar in a squirt bottle. Spray the solution on the greasy part of the oven and leave it for an hour. Then wipe away with a clean cloth to find a clean and sparkling oven. If there’s too much grime, you can apply a paste of baking soda and vinegar on the area and leave them for an hour or two. Wipe away the dirt, and you’re done. 



Cleaning Oven Shelves

If you’re someone who can’t remember the last time you removed the shelves from your oven, this is for you. Keeping the shelves clean and hygienic is important. The easy and quick way to do it’s to place the shelves in a resealable plastic bag, spray the cleaning solution, seal and let it soak for 30 min. Once the time is up, remove the shelf from the bag and rinse it with warm water. If there’s any stubborn burnt on food, use a scrubber to scrub it away. 



Toothbrush to the Rescue

A toothbrush is an essential tool in your oven-cleaning arsenal. The flexible heads and soft bristles can work their magic on areas unreachable by hand. You can use the toothbrush to apply the cleaning mixture and to brush off the grime from the out of reach areas. Experts suggest using an electric toothbrush for better efficiency.



Glass Scraper 

A glass scraper can be a handy tool to remove the tough stain from the floor and door of the oven. Unscrew and soak the removable doors in warm water and oven cleaning solution. Once soaked, scrape the grime and food particles away. For fixed doors, squirt the cleaning solution and scrape the residues. 



Oil Against Oil

This might sound crazy, but my experience shows that an easy way to remove built up grease is by using oil. Pour few drops of vegetable oil onto a paper towel and rub the greasy area with it. The oil will remove the grease, and you can follow it up with your magic cleaning solution to get a sparkling finish.


Keep the Smell Away

Sometimes the smell of a wonderful meal would linger for days. If the oven is smelly, put a few drops of vanilla essence or citrus juice in a bowl of water and heat it for some time. Your oven will smell fresh.



Now you know how to keep your oven shiny, clean, and fresh using common kitchen items. 


Images used with permission, courtesy of Przemysław Kozieł and www.shutterstock.com

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